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Monday, May 28, 2007

Sex and the Nation

"Before what is known as the Intifada of the Stones, Jewish prostitutes from Sedorot and Askalan close to Gaza were smart enough to wear military uniforms to attract Palestinian clients. For the oppressed man imagines he's achieving a victory or is regaining some of his lost respect if he has sex with a prostitute wearing an Israeli military uniform, the higher the rank the better. On the other side, Arab prostitutes in the same area would wear melayas to attract jewish men who would then imagine they are sleeping with a whole haram from a thousand and one night," according to Palestinian writer Suhail Kewan.

قبل ما عرف بإنتفاضة الحجارة كانت المومسات اليهوديات من منطقة سديروت وعسقلان القريبتين لقطاع غزة من الذكاء بحيث ارتدين ملابس عسكرية لجذب الزبائن الفلسطينيين، فالرجل المقهور يزين له خياله نوعا من الإنتصار أو رد الإعتبارعندما يضاجع مومسا ترتدي لباس الجندية الإسرائيلية،(ويا نِعمك لو كانت رتبتها عالية)
،وبالمقابل فإن المومسات العربيات وفي المنطقة ذاتها كن يرتدين الملاءات لجذب اليهودي الذي سيتخيل أنه يضاجع واحدة حريم ألف ليلة وليلة!

This article reminded me to two things:

Of Mustafa Said, Tayib Saleh's hero in Season of Migration to the North, who wanted to liberate Africa with his penis. So he sets on seducing as many of the enemy's women as possible.

Of the film The Night Baghdad Fell, which I reviewed before. In it, Egyptian men exprience their defeat by the American invasion of Iraq as sexual impotence and can only perform when their wives, whose sexual appetite or sexual performance are not affected one bit by the defeat of their nation, dress up as American marines.


kb said...

Hmm, I wonder how the film "Night Porter" would fit into this narrative.

ng said...

The link to the Arabic does not seem to lead to the right article from which you put the excerpt in Arabic?

But, yes, sex has always been infused by national or imperial fantasies. The reverse is impotence, as in Men in the Sun or The Beggar by Kanafani and Mahfouz respectively!!!

Amal A said...


I don't know the film but from the bit I just read about it it may fit in this narrative though not perfectly. Another film to check out.

Amal A said...


oops. sorry about that. this is what happens when I blog before my second cup of tea. Check it now. I'd be interested to see what you think of the rest of it.

kb said...

I actually don't recommend Night Porter - it's kind of excruciating.

Anonymous said...

...but either way, the women /gets/ screwed, and sex continues to be interpreted and practice as an act of conquest on the part of the man, submission on the part of the woman, and an experience of one demeaning power from another, as opposed to intimacy.

The women are demeaned, depressed, and internally they are gradually cut into little pieces, like in the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958). Progress lapse behind as women who should be succeeding, aren't.

The men only gets pride from the act of screwing, it's not a lasting pride, he might brag about it at bars, but it contributes to nothing. No intimacy, no communications, no one to rely on, since the ones that are supposed to be their wives, daughters, sisters, are just objects, burden to protect against the looting of fellow like-minded robbers. They become increasing violent and oppressive.

- Mercurial Georgia

Anonymous said...

Correction, not the 1958 film, but the most modern remake as of now.