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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gang Rape Caught on Cell Phone

"Allegations that a trainee paratrooper was gang raped by comrades in an attack filmed on a mobile phone are being investigated by military police. The assault involved at least six men at the Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, according to a newspaper report. One of the gang is said to have pinned down the unnamed victim as another attempted to rape him. It is claimed the solider, one of 300 trainee paras at Catterick, was accused of being gay and, after the alleged assault, was curled up on a bed crying: "Help me".

What is it with this pornographic fascination with violence that cell phone cameras seem to satisfy? Du'a Khalil's stoning and the rape of an Egyptian detainee that I posted about before and now this are all captured on cell phone cameras and made to circulate for the enjoyment of the spectators and the further humiliation of the victims.

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